Thursday, February 9, 2017

Risk of Damage to AZ Homes from Flash Floods

While living in a desert climate like that found in Arizona is advantageous in that the weather is pleasantly warm almost all year round, there is the downside of having to deal with the aftermath of desert thunderstorms and the accompanying heavy downpours from time to time. In cases where water has flooded a home during one of these storms, it could cause serious damage if not attended to as quickly as possible.

Serious Water Damage

If a home has not been constructed in such a way that water can drain away quickly after a storm, water damage can start occurring within minutes. Basements or other low-lying areas of a home will bear the brunt of the damage in most cases because they are situated below ground level. This will not only affect items that have been stored there such as excess furniture and other household items; it will also cause the house itself to become extremely damp over time – especially if there no drain or pump to remove the excess water. Once dampness starts setting in, it provides the ideal breeding ground for mold as well, which is another serious issue of its own.

Mold Infestation

Many people don’t realize how serious mold infestation in a home can be, and one of the first signs of it developing is when there is a musty odor present that no amount of cleaning seems to be able to remove. By the time the black mold spots have made their appearance, the infestation is usually quite serious, because it can result in the development of various illnesses such as allergy symptoms, respiratory conditions or even depression in more severe cases. As a result, it is crucial for home owners living in these areas to prevent the need for mold remediation San Diego & ensure that water removal is performed by a professional flood damage company as soon as possible after the weather has cleared.

Preventing Mold Development

Once a water damage restoration company has pumped out excess water from a home’s basement or other flooded areas, they will make use of industrial-quality dehumidifier devices and fans to dry them out properly. When this has been done, they will be able to perform a thorough inspection to ensure that no structural damage has occurred and that mold has not yet begun to develop. However, in cases where mold has already set in, they will know exactly how to deal with it to ensure that it does not cause further damage. In situations where mold has affected clothing and other fabric items though, these will need to be discarded, as it is almost impossible to remove it completely.
When searching for a water damage San Diego contractor, home owners should base their choice on reputation instead of price. This will ensure that they receive the best possible service at prices that are relatively affordable. Once the water damage has been repaired, it will be necessary to perform periodic inspections for a few months afterwards to ensure that mold does not develop anywhere else .

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